Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dog Ghost Story

This is another personal ghost story of mine.  I just adore all animals and have always had pets.  They each have such unique personalities and qualities that I have to believe that they too have a special place to go after this life.

Lucky and Clyde

First a warning--this story involves the discussion of doggy poop!  Clyde was a large black Labrador Retriever who actually belonged to my mother.  He moved in with my family when my mom came to live with us.  He was very lovable but had some strange habits.  He would poop on a throw rug then fold it all up to hide it, or sometimes roll the evidence under a chair or couch.  Or he would make it an event.  He would leave piles of poop in a perfect circle in the middle of the floor.  We always said it reminded us of those crop circles you see in farmer's fields.  It always amazed me that he could make a perfect circle and produce the large amount of poop it took to make big piles in a big circle!  He continued these habits when he moved into our house which upset our dog Lucky.  She was a smaller, younger mutt who never pooped in the house.

Clyde passed away about a year after moving in so we were left with just our dog Lucky.  About a year after Clyde's death I got up for work one morning and when I hit the top of the steps I could smell it.  Still half asleep I thought to myself "Oh great Clyde pooped in the house again!".  Then I realized Clyde was long gone.  I wondered why Lucky didn't wake me up if she needed out during the night.

I walked into the living room and absolutely froze.  There in the middle of the floor was a perfect circle of large piles of poop!  As I stared at it I could not believe that much poop could come out of Lucky.  I then found Lucky crouched by the back door.  She had clawed the paint and chucks of wood right off the door frame.

Now common sense tells me Lucky created the circle, although she never pooped in the house let alone in a circle again.  I guess she went to the door and when no one opened it she scratched at it. But it always made me wonder.  Maybe she clawed the door because she saw Clyde and knew she would be blamed for it?

I guess I will never know.  We have had no more poop circles.  Although we did have another incident with another one of Clyde's weird habits--but I will save that for another post.  One thing I can you is it certainly was NOT ghost poop, I know because I had to clean it all up!

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