Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peg Leg Pete - A Ghost Story

I love ghost stories.  When the story is close to home, they are even more intriguing.  This story comes directly from my parents so it holds a little more weight for me.  They had no reason to make it up or lie (my Dad was like George Washington—never told a lie!).  Plus this happened long before the days of having a ghost could get you on a TV show.

It was about 1957 and my parents were looking for a house to rent, being recently married.  They found a small little place close to my Dad’s work that was owned by an elderly widow.  She was renting it out for the winter while she went to Florida.  When they signed the lease they were told by the widow that there was one rule.  She was storing some of her belongings in one of the spare bedrooms.  The room was locked, they could not have a copy of the key, and they were not permitted to enter that room.

About two weeks after they moved in both my parents were awakened at about 3:00 am by a thumping noise downstairs.  They got up to investigate and discovered the sound was moving all over the house.  If they went to the first floor they heard in on the second floor. If they went to the basement it was on the first floor, and so on.  The dog heard it too.  He ran all over the house from floor to floor barking and chasing the sound.  They checked the house and could not find an explanation.

From that night on it occurred every night at around 2:00 am to 3:00 am.  The dog went chasing after it, as did my parents.  It would continue for 30 minutes or so then stop.  My mother said it sounded like someone with a wooden leg walking around.  That is why she nicknamed “it” Peg Leg Pete.  My father brought in numerous repairmen to check the furnace, water pipes, etc.  None of them could find any problems or duplicate the noise.

After a while the dog got used to it and stopped barking and running all over the house each night.  My Mom just accepted it.  Her thought was it has not hurt me and I will not lose any more sleep over it.  It continued to bug my Dad who checked under the bed and in the closet every night before he went to bed.  They ended up living there only a few months because they found a house to purchase.

How does it end?  This is the part that amazes me.  They never mentioned it to the widow who owned the house—thought it would be rude to do so!  They also never tried to open the locked room.  They were both so honest that they would not go against her “rule” and snoop into the room.  I consider myself an honest person also but I definitely think I would have picked that lock!  So Peg Leg Pete will continue to remain a mystery.

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