Sunday, May 23, 2010

Twilight Zone Marathon

This past New Year's Eve my family had a blast watching a 24 hour marathon of the 1960's television series The Twilight Zone.  For any youngsters out there not familiar with this show (and no it has nothing to do with teenage vampires and werewolves) it was an half hour black and white series done in the early 1960's.  It dealt with just plain strange and mysterious topics.  Still to this day they give me the chills without any blood and gore.

The SciFy Channel runs this marathon every July 4th and New Year's Eve so you have an chance coming up to catch it.  If you are like my family and do not go out on New Year's Eve it can be a great family friendly activity.  Although it may be a little deep and scary for very young children.  You can always record the one in July and save it for a rainy day.  The endings always surprise you as well as make you really think about how we perceive the world.  You can check out the SciFy Channel's website on the series, they even give descriptions of all the episodes here.

My tween had never even heard of it and I was pleasantly surprised how much she enjoyed it.  Of course she thought the special effects were corny, but that is what makes it so much fun.

My all time favorite episode was one with Meredith Burgess about the end of the world.  He is the sole survivor after nuclear war.  This one scared me to death as a child and still gives me chills.  It rattled my daughter too, more so than any of today's scary movies she has seen.

Half the fun of watching these is seeing all the actors that went on to become famous.  A few include William Shatner, Meredith Burgess, Agnes Moorehead, Robert Redford, and Jack Klugman.  Now this will be lost on kids and probably some younger adults.  But my husband and I had a blast just waiting for the next episode to see who would be in it.

The most fun with this was the episode set in a hospital around a young woman who just had surgery because she was so "ugly" and no that is not her in the picture, that is one of the "normal" people.  Her face was bandaged and covered so you did not see her until the last 5 minutes.  We were pulling out hair out trying to figure out who it was because we knew the voice.  I'll give you a hint--Beverly Hillbillies.

Leave it to me to find a way to have a spooky New Year's Eve!

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