Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome to Ravenswick!

I figure there must be others like me out there who think about Halloween year round and are fascinated with all things eerie and spooky. So I thought this blog would be a great way to share interests. The name of my blog, Ravenswick, comes from old English and translated means “from the place of the Ravens”. It is also a variation of Renwick, the name of an old town on the border of Scotland and England. That is where my ancestors supposedly originated. This just fits me to a tee because of my love for genealogy and history. I can imagine a town called “Place of the Ravens” being filled with all sorts of haunted castles, ghosts, and witches.

One of my other passions is creating and I have been working as an artist and designer for about five years. As you can guess my favorite subjects when creating are Halloween, witches, and anything just plain dark and mysterious. But I do other subjects (have to pay the bills!) as well. I am a total animal lover so they show up in my work, and I have even been known to paint pretty flowers. I love anything old and have a huge collection of vintage pictures and illustrations which I also use for designing. You can check out my Zazzle Store where I have much of my work. Zazzle is a very cool place filled with such talented artists. You can check it out on my link if you are curious.

When I am not working I love to spend time on my family history. I have been doing genealogy since I was in college. What does that have to do with eerie and spooky you wonder? Well I spend a lot of time in old musty libraries and in cemeteries with my dead ancestors. Plus I have collected some cool stories and information that definitely fit the spooky theme. If you have an interest in your family history check out the link to my genealogy blog called Ancestor Chase.

So if you love Halloween and anything related to eerie and spooky you have come to the right place. I plan on sharing stories, pictures, and cool stuff all centered a round these topics. Look for interesting (spooky) snippets concerning history and art too. Enjoy your weekend!

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