Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Spooky Cat

Cats have long had the reputation of being a bit spooky.  I have always loved cats because I love all animals but I never owned one.  The reason being we always had dogs, I am supposedly allergic to them, and my husband always had a rather strong dislike for cats. 

 About three years ago I decided to do a painting of a cat.  I had found a reference photo of a brown striped one that I liked and wanted to do a painting.  About a quarter of the way through my painting it just was not working.  So for some unknown reason I abandoned the reference photo and changed my painting to a white cat with blue eyes.  I was quite happy with the result which is below.

About two weeks later a white cat showed up at our house.  She looked like my painting with the exception of her eyes which are yellow not blue.  She would come everyday.  She slowly wormed her way into my husband's heart and of course my kids loved her right away.  I never had any allergy symptoms being around her either.  At the time our dog Bella hated cats.  She would chase the cat when it came in our yard with such a killer's look in her eye.  But this white cat continued to come.  We slowly introduced Bella to her and after a few months Bella began to accept her (now they are friends).  When winter came I finally let her into the house so she would not be cold.  We thought she was a stray but eventually found out she belonged to a neighbor behind us.  I would take her home but within hours she was back at our door.  To make a long story short she now lives with us.  I had always heard that you do not adopt cats, they adopt you.  This was certainly the case with our Alphonso.

We have no idea why she decided to "adopt" us.  She appeared to already have a good home.  She was one determined kitty the way she weaseled her way into our lives over the course of several months .  It stills gives me chills the way she appeared right after I did the painting.  I guess we will never know the "whys".  Now if this would only work the same way if I painted $100 bills!


  1. very nice story. glad to hear Alphonso has a forever home. Now get that cat

  2. She already is--I am a firm believer in spaying and neutering. Too many homeless animals already. Thanks for your comment--it is good to remind people to spay and neuter.

  3. I recently had a go at painting red tabby cats - but none has turned up at my home :-(