Friday, August 6, 2010

Allegheny Cemetery Do Dah Days Pictures

I was able to attend the "Do Dah Days" festival at Allegheny Cemetery last month.  I have to say I LOVE Allegheny Cemetery.  It is a beautiful cemetery with the most amazing mausoleums, stones, nature, and history.

I spent most of the day searching for my ancestor's graves.  After hours of walking I realized just having the lot and section number was not enough, the place is huge.  Then it occurred to me, I did not know if my family even had stones!  The people in the office were so nice and gave me detailed maps so I was then able to find my ancestor's graves, even the ones without markers.

The festival itself was fun.  They had old time music (not so much my thing but my hubby loved it), lots of people dressed in 1850's clothes and Civil War uniforms, and lots of summer time treats to eat.  I am not usually a fan of popcorn but we got the best Kettle Corn I ever tasted.   Of course my daughter got bored (and tired) rather quickly and whined.  I think we wore her out with the hours of walking.  But when you have a tween you are used to whining, so it went in one ear and out the other!

Here are my pictures of some interesting graves, ancestors and animals.

This Spinx is part of a large mausoleum.  This one caught my daughter's eye as we were driving.  Very interesting, never have seen the Spinx with boobs!

Here are two very young deer by a mausoleum.  They are a little hard to see, I am not the world's best photographer!

Ducks in one of the two ponds at Allegheny.  We saw so much wildlife during our visit.  Lots of deer, birds, ducks, a crane, squirrels, and tons of chipmunks.

I was excited to find these graves of my great, great, great grandparents John & Catherine Harris.  Very sad--there are also 8 children buried in this plot but they have no markers.

Finally! An ancestor of mine with a large stone.  This was the easiest grave to find out of the whole day.  This is John Ellsworth Lammay, my great uncle and his family.

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