Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cemetery Picture - A Haunting Grave

I took this photo on a recent cemetery visit to my parents' graves.  This is a different type of haunting grave, no ghosts or legends. 

While standing at the graves of my parents and grandparents I looked across the cemetery road and saw this beautiful angel statue.  It was not there the last time I visited.  It is unusual to find large markers in the newer part of the cemetery.  I told my daughter we had to go over and see it.

One of my favorite things to do while ancestor hunting in cemeteries is look at different and unusual stones, I always stand there and wonder.  Who was this person, what did they look like, what was their life like?   My family thinks I am a nut for this especially when I do it at graves of people who are no relation.

This one really rattled me.  Besides the large angel there was an enormous flat stone also with the most beautiful poem.  My first thought was this person was truly loved to have this type of memorial.  It was a more recent grave.  A female, the same age as me.  Her children were listed in the poem.  I found it heartbreaking.  Even my daughter seemed a bit rattled, she didn't complain and tell me to "hurry up" as usual.

Maybe this grave really spoke to me because I am quickly approaching a milestone birthday in a few months. That milestone is the same age as this person, the same age my grandmother was when she died.  It really brought me back to reality because I have been whining about my upcoming birthday, complaining about those annoying signs of getting older (like wrinkles appearing, gray hair, can't stay awake past 10 pm).  All of that seemed pointless.  I am still here with my children.  I am in good health as are my children.  Suddenly I was thankful for that approaching birthday.  I can color my gray, take naps, and well I guess learn to live with the wrinkles because I can't afford plastic surgery LOL!

 You just never know what you will discover during a cemetery visit.  Instead of dead ancestors or ghosts I found some wisdom and many reasons to be thankful.

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  1. I like cemeteries too, they are peaceful and I could spend hours reading the tombstones and my family think I'm weird to do that too.
    That's a truly beautiful sculpture, I would have gone over too so thanks for the photo