Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cool Spooky Finds: Zen And Coffee Etsy Shop: Arm Warmers

I love arm warmers.  When they are goth/spooky/steampunk style then I really LOVE them!  I came across this Etsy shop recently on Twitter.  I just love all of her arm warmers.  You can find her shop here Zen and Coffee Designs.
Photo Copyright of Zen and Coffee

She has a large selection (all too cool for me to pick a favorite).  There are long ones like in the picture above plus short gloves also.  These are all handmade by her which makes them even more special in my opinion because they are unique.  Very reasonably priced for handmade work too.  These are great for everyday wear plus would make a great addition to many a Halloween costume.  Definitely check out her Etsy Shop.

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