Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hmmm...Caskets At Walmart?

Yes that is right you can purchase a casket at Walmart!  I find this well, just odd.  They are only available on line, so you can't run down to your local Walmart and strap one to the roof of your car to bring home.

I cannot imagine that funeral homes would be happy about this. I am not up to date on casket prices but I believe that run about at least $5,000 average.  Walmart sells them starting at around $900. 

So how to you actually get your casket?  Their shipping policy which is stated "Ships to Home" actually made me laugh:
"Shipping Note: This item is shipped via a freight trucking service. The company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment, so ensure someone is home at the scheduled delivery time. Please note that this item is available for curbside delivery only, and will not be moved into your home or garage. We recommend you have help available to move the item to its final location."

After this policy they have a note about confirming the shipping address of the funeral home you are using.  But would it not be logical that funeral homes would just refuse to accept deliveries from Walmart and make you purchase from them?  It's not like you have a week or more to find one you can ship to when someone dies.

It would be interesting to see their sales numbers on caskets.  Now maybe there are other groups who use caskets for props that may find this beneficial like Movie Production Companies and those who furnish Charity Haunted Houses.  But I can't imagine the average person could be bothered with all the details and fuss of ordering a casket on line when they lose a loved one.  Of course maybe funeral homes themselves buy them then put a huge mark up which is passed on to the consumer.

Regardless they do offer a fairly wide selection.  Also in true Walmart style they have a few "Wide Body" models.  They also sell Pet Caskets.  Now that makes sense to me and I could definitely see a market for those among the general population.  In case you are interested here is a link to Walmart's Casket Selection.

One last thing.  If you plan on purchasing one choose very carefully.  They are non returnable LOL!

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  1. I followed your link, I've heard of everything now. That is amazing and too weird.