Friday, August 13, 2010

Thanks to Technology The Dead Can Speak From The Grave

Well not exactly but close to it thanks to a company called Memory Medallion, Inc.  The founder and CEO, Glenn Toothman, has developed some very interesting technology.  It is a barcode medallion which is installed on a grave site that can direct your cell phone to a web site that has information, pictures, and video about the deceased person.

It works by using your cell phones camera to scan the barcode which takes you to the website.  When the medallion is purchased the family gets assistance in setting up the site (they even have a genealogist on staff).  They can include pictures, a story and video.  You can even link to other websites such as Facebook.

The genealogist part of me is thrilled with this technology.  I would love to hit the lottery and install these on all my ancestor's graves.  Also how wonderful would it to be to find a previously unknown ancestor's grave that had one!  It also appeals to me on a sentimental level.  I always have felt that after I am gone so will be all the stories of my grandparents and parents.  I of course have passed information down to my kids but things get lost in the generations.

I was amazed at how reasonable the cost was also.  The cost of the medallion and website is $225.  When it is hard to get even a small grave stone with just a name and date under $1,000 I think that is quite reasonable.

Now my husband had a different take on this.  His response was "My gosh, let the dead rest in peace!"  I can somewhat understand that.  You don't really need a Facebook page after you have passed.  Plus grandma and great grandma, etc might not want that kind of information out there on the internet.  However I still think it preserves family history for future generations.  Plus pictures get destroyed and lost, here they can be preserved for all time.

My only concern would be what happens in 100 years when technology has created who knows what?  Will we still have iphones?  Does anyone still use their 8 track tapes (if you are old enough to remember those)?  But I would imagine the medallion will evolve along with new technology.  Who knows maybe 150 years from now when my great great grandchildren visit my grave (hopefully they will) they will see a holigram of me as a ghost talking to them just like in Disney World.  Now that would be cool.

To learn more here is the link to the company Memory Medallion, Inc.

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  1. A hologram of myself?? Cool, spooky, and hey, can they carve a pound off here, a pound off there...