Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween Is In The Air!

It has finally arrived, Halloween Season!  My favorite time of year.  The weather has started getting cooler (thankfully!) and the stores are full of Halloween decorations.  I always get the most creative this time of year.  As usual I have so many Halloween themed projects swirling in my head, but never enough time to complete them all.

My favorite way to decorate is to create my own decorations.  I always try to use recycled objects when possible.  Saves money and is good for the environment too.  But because I never have time to create everything I want, it is off to the stores I go.

I transform from a frugal penny pincher to a crazed free spender when confronted with rows of cool Halloween items in the stores.  It makes perfect sense to me to live on peanut butter and jelly on stale bread for the month when in exchange I can have more cool tombstones for the yard.  But this year is different.  We are trying to save for a Disney vacation (we have not had a vacation for 18 years!).  I have to control myself since I have made everyone else cut back on things.

So....I have two projects in mind that should cost next to nothing to complete by using my stash of "saved stuff to make stuff" box.  I felt strong until I came across this post on Bliss Massacre Blog.  They graciously photographed the Halloween displays at Target, one of my favorite stores to shop for decorations.

This one got to me because I am such a sucker for glitter.  My only splurge so far this season has been $1.99 for orange glitter nail polish (which my dear daughter says I am too old to wear--don't care).  I SO want a hot pink glitter skeleton now!

I guess my best strategy is to stay far away from Target this year.  However if you want to see more of what they have to offer, check out the blog, lots more pictures.  I will let you know how my "cost nothing" projects go and if my will power holds out through October 31st!

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