Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Will You Be for Halloween?

I love getting dressed up for Halloween.  I usually make or buy a new costume but because I didn't want to spend on my own costume this year (saving up for a vacation) I had to be more creative.  I did buy some material at Joanne's when it was 60% off.  But got in over my head without a sewing pattern.  Last time I bought a pattern they were around $5-$7, when did they start costing $20-$25??

So I bought a $8 shirt at Walmart that has skeleton bones on it and some make up.  My plan is to paint my face as a Day of Dead skull.  I have not done a test run, not sure how good my make up skills will be.  I will also need to do my daughter's makeup this year.  She will be a dead /zombie ballerina.  We found her a vampire type costume that has a frilly skirt.  I think it will make a cool looking Gothic ballerina.  Much more original than a vampire.  If we turn out presentable I will post pictures.

Because I can't stand anything to go to waste I found a use for at least some of my material from Joanne's.  It is a black lace with red skulls.  I have a red table cloth on my dining room table so I put the lace material over the top.  It turned out really cool and I might even leave it there all year round.  Still have some black spider web material left but I will eventually find use for that also.  Here is my dining room table.
 Here is a close up of the lace skulls.  The skull table runner I made last year.  At least I managed that without a $20 pattern!

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