Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back From Disney World!

We took our first vacation in over 15 years over the Thanksgiving holiday this year.  We went to Disney World in Florida and it was fantastic.  We picked a great week, the weather was in the low to mid 80's so we also got to swim as well as visit the parks.  Even my 18 yr old had a great time even though be balked at going.  It was only moderately crowded too.  Definitely a great time to visit Florida if you are from the North.  Our school district was on strike from October through December 6th, so my kids ended up not even missing any school.

So guess what was my favorite ride??  The Haunted Mansion of course.  I absolutely loved it (we all did).  I want to decorate my house with a Haunted Mansion theme LOL!  Here are some picts.

Because I let my kids buy stuff for themselves I only allowed one purchase for myself which had to be a Nightmare Before Christmas item.  I was thrilled to find a Santa hat--in black!  Which I wore around the park and is now hanging up as a Christmas decoration.  Here is a picture.
 And here is my Beagle Babe wearing the "Naughty" hat.  Her punishment for "tinkling" on my carpet LOL.

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