Monday, July 25, 2011

Amazing Halloween Paper Mache Artist

If you love Halloween art you have to check out the amazing paper mache artist Scott A. Stoll at Stolloween.

He creates the most amazing large creatures from paper mache.  Besides all his great sculptures he graciously shares his paper mache recipes and instructions for creating your own Halloween yard decorations.

I have been wanting to try out paper mache myself ever since I found his website.  I have desparatly wanted some gargoyles for my yard (not just for Halloween LOL) for some time now.  Searching has proved fruitless.  I can't find any I like or the ones I do like are way out of my price range.

What I love about his art is that it is basically created from recycled materials.  Newspapers, plastic bottles, pizza boxes, etc.  All those things we all throw away ending up in land fills.  He proves it does not have to be costly to create some great decorations.  So with some imagination, hard work, garbage, paint and glue you can try your hand at creating some cool Halloween creations this year. 

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