Sunday, August 28, 2011

Halloween Decorations from Michael's for My Bedroom Make Over

Michael's Craft Stores are now pretty well stocked with their Halloween items.  I love going to Michael's this time of year and always spend more than I planned LOL.  Actually their Halloween displays have been out for awhile, I am just a little slow in posting about it.  They tend to sell out of the good stuff early so it pays to shop now if you are in the market for some new decorations.

I like shopping there because they always have new things each year and I can almost always get a coupon for every trip.  They usually send out a flyer with Sunday newspapers that has coupons or you can go to their website  and print coupons.  They have the weekly sales listed on their site too.  Plus I have noticed they now are giving out coupons with your purchase, but those usually expire by the end of the following week.

So I have made two trips to my local store already.  But here is the strange part.  Well, maybe not strange if you are into spooky like me the entire year, not just Halloween.  I was not shopping for Halloween decorations.  I was shopping for items to use for bedroom decor for my upcoming planned redecorating project.  Even though I am not quite ready to begin my bedroom make over I knew if I didn't shop now I was not going to find the sort of items I want in ANY local store in February.  When I got to the cash register the clerk said "You are organized to prepare for Halloween this early".  I just smiled.  Didn't tell her it was for my bedroom on a permanent basis.

So what did I buy?  Well it was a little difficult because I am still finalizing my bedroom make over plans in my mind.  But in general I know I want a purple, Witchy themed room with crows.  But when I saw this metal "Witch With Attitude" sign I knew it was perfect for me and my bedroom door.  All of our family bedrooms have some sort of decoration on the doors that tells a little about the personality of the occupants (my son's is a Keep Out skull, daughter's is beads) so I needed one for mine.

The purple and black spider is something I bought a few years back to use in a Halloween costume, I like it so included it on my door.

I bought this Witch Glass Bottle for my make up table.  It works perfectly to hold cotton balls.

I am a sucker for these colorful almost corny Witch Bottles that from Michael's.  I love colored glass and usually buy one every year.  Since my husband won't let me keep them on the family room mantle all year I will probably move the collection to my bedroom.

I knew I wanted an accent wall with barren tree branches and crows.  My original plan was to purchase wall decals.  But they can run upwards of $100.  I have to redo my room as cheaply as possible.  Instead I purchased a few of these black "branches" with sparkles in the floral department as well as the little crows with purple sparkles.  (I love glitter!).  These will stand out more than single colored wall decals and the total was about $15, a lot cheaper than $100!

Next I plan to hit Joanne Fabrics to make covers for my make up table, side table, and old sewing machine.  I can't wait too long or the Halloween fabric will be gone! 

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