Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Currant Painting Project

So my daughter has decided she wants to redo her room.  We just "redid" her room about 3 years ago and with all the walls that need painted in my house hers is at the bottom of my list.  But hey, whatever makes her happy.  Of course the fact that she wants to go from a pretty bright blue with pastel circles to all dark and Gothic has motivated me.  She is still deciding on a color but wants black furniture instead of her current maple.  Most of her things I will paint black because I can't afford to buy all new furniture and I am a firm believer in using what you have--not only to save money but to recycle.

But I did splurge and buy her a black make up vanity because she did not have one and it can double as a desk which she doesn't have either.  So we get it home and start pulling it out of the box to build and I see that "look" on her face.  She was so excited that it came with a stool that had a black and white zebra print.  But unlike the picture on the box the white was NOT white but gray!

Well I didn't want to return it because it was perfect in every other way plus I knew I would never get the darn thing back in the box!  So I said let's paint it!  A few dollars for fabric paint and she will have exactly what she wanted.

Here you can see my progress, almost done!  It has been a little tedious but well worth the effort to make her happy.

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