Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recycling A Recycled Project!

Sounds confusing huh!  But that is just what I am doing.  I have moved on to my next home decorating project which is finishing my son's bedroom.  We started this about a year ago and promised him we would paint his furniture black.  Glad he is patient!

Redoing furniture is a labor intensive project so I had offered to buy him new pieces.  But like me he can't stand to throw anything away and wanted to redo what he already had.  What he has is my old bedroom furniture from the 1960's which was originally white.  We last redid his room when he was 5 years old using "Banana's In Pajamas" theme.  Some of you may remember this TV show from about the late 1990's.  He loved them because the characters stayed in their PJ's all the time and he hated getting dressed as a small kid.

Anyhow at the time we painted the furniture blue to match the theme and to make it more fitting for a boy.  Now he has a black and white theme so we are again recycling the furniture by painting it black.
Here you can still see the former blue.  It is quite a project but both my son and hubby have pitched in to help.  They carried the pieces to the shed and my son is doing all the sanding and hubby has been painting.

Here is another piece that we have finished painting.  I am very happy how it turned out, kinda Victorian Goth I think.  So for the cost of a gallon of paint and new drawer pulls he will have a "new" set of bedroom furniture.

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