Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creating a Fairy Garden

As a Spring project I started cleaning up the mess at the bottom of my back yard.  We have tons of leaves, branches, and wood thrown around down there.  As I was standing by the tree it occurred to me that it looked like a place that fairies would live.  So I have decided to create a Fairy Garden around the tree.

The hubby rolled his eyes at me but doesn't really care what I do as long as I am the one doing the labor.  So I will post my progress as I go.  The first step is to get the area cleaned up which means a lot of raking and shoveling.  Hubby had dumped a load of dirt from some other project by the tree which I need to move and even out.   I have a few ideas churning in my head of what I want to do.

My main goals are to create something magical with the least amount of money and to make the area easy to maintain.  Grass never grows under this tree because of the shade and it has to be easy to rake leaves come Fall because there are a ton of them from this tree.

After doing a bit of cleaning I sat on the ground to think and realized there was a good bit of moss already under the tree.  It was nice and soft to sit on so I am thinking of going with moss instead of some kind of mulch.  That hopefully will be cheaper, easier to upkeep, and easier to rake come Fall.

I had some left over gravel from another yard project so I used that in one of the crevices in the tree.
 I am thinking maybe a "Welcome Fairies" sign, some of those little Fairy Doors, figurines, and maybe a bench around the rest of the tree. 

I will post updates when I accomplish more.  Now I need to find a way to keep my dogs from pooping here.  Not sure the "Fairies" want dog doo doo by their front door!

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  1. lol yes. The Fae will take offence to poo the size of them on their front doorstep ;) Looking forward to updates on this project!