Friday, June 15, 2012

Saga of Mama Deer and Baby In My Yard

A few weeks ago we caught sight of a mother deer and very small baby in my next door neighbor's yard.  I believe this is the same deer who was hanging around our yard last May / June.  She is very unusual because she seems to like dogs.  Last year she would immediately run to our fence when my dogs were out and stare at them.

She apparently gave birth to her baby in my neighbor's yard (which is fenced in as is mine).  The baby was much too small to jump the fence.  But she started regularly coming into our yard to eat.  I certainly did not care---my yard is filled with clover and hosta plants which she is welcome to eat, after all she is a nursing mother! 

I am guessing she picked my neighbor's yard because the back part is like a jungle.  He has not cut more than a small patch of his grass close to his house for probably 5 years.  He also has a dog but it is very old and sadly severely disabled with hip problems.  No way his dog could chase the deer--it can barely walk.

Mama deer does not seem to have too much fear of humans either.  She will not run when either myself or my neighbor come out into the yard and has come right up to my sliding glass door.  She actually stood there for a good 15 minutes one night and watched us eat dinner. 

She will also jump into the yard and walk up to my dogs when they are out.  Oddly my dogs have seemed to just accept her, neither one barks or tries to chase her.  But to be on the safe side I started going outside with them.  It did make me a bit nervous when they were out by themselves and I looked out the window---to see my two grazing in the yard with the deer!  All a bit spooky and unusual.  The only thing that seems to spook her is the camera, but I did get this picture of her before she ran.
Now yes it was a bit of a pain in the butt having to go outside with the dogs.  But I want them to be safe.  I figured in a few weeks the baby would grow and mama would move it out of my neighbor's yard.

Well my neighbor felt differently.  Every morning he was going out with his poor dog---carrying a big piece of wood swinging it like a caveman or something at mama deer.  He is lucky she never charged at him.  She held her ground because her baby was there and could not get out of the fenced yard.  My feeling is it is his own fault she gave birth there---if he would clean up and cut his grass there would have been no place for her to hide the baby.

Last week I heard a commotion and went outside.  The neighbor had opened the gate to his yard and recruited two other neighbors.  They were chasing the baby deer.  As I stood by the fence feeling helpless the tiny baby came running right up along the fence---mama right behind it.  It did run out the gate but in the process got tangled in his recycle containers and fell.  I actually screamed because I thought it broke its neck.  But it got up and ran into the front yard, mama behind it.  They ran across the street and were gone.

We have not seen either one since.  While yes I can let my dogs out unattended I actually miss her.  I just hope where ever they went they are both safe.

As for my neighbor I have not spoken to him since and I don't think I ever will again.  I believe in the saying "If you can't say something nice--keep your mouth shut".  Every time I see him out I can't get the look of complete fear on the faces of  mamma and baby as they ran past me that day.  If he opposes wildlife in his yard that much to terrorize a baby deer maybe he should move to a condo in the city.

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