Friday, July 12, 2013

Interesting Place to Visit: Elk County PA

My hubby make a trip to Elk County PA last fall and got some cool pictures of the Elk.

 Elk county, PA is called "Elk County" because of all the Elk and they are a tourist attraction.  The largest herd of wild Elk east of the Rocky Mountains is located here.  So if you are looking for a wilderness type place where you can view wildlife to visit this summer you should check this out.  It is also really beautiful in the Fall with the changing of the leaves.

I was amazed how close he got to get these pictures.  They also have a visitor's center where you can get information and maps for the best location to view the Elk.

The Clarion River is nearby so there are lots of activities such as canoeing, fishing, swimming, etc.

It is a beautiful place with lots of creeks running through the Allegheny Forest.  You are surrounded by beautiful scenery just about everywhere.

They have different events happening in the summer with the Elk Exp coming up in August.  You can check out the Elk County Tourist Website for more information on activities, places to stay, and general information.

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