Monday, July 22, 2013

Spooky Old Cemetery on Allegheny Passage Trail

Awhile back we took a bike ride on the Allegheny Passage trail near Elizabeth, PA.  This is a very nice stretch of the trail, fairly level and very pretty with the river and lots of trees.  The best part of the day (for me anyhow!) was Dravo Cemetery.

This is a very old cemetery located right on the trail.  The only access to the cemetery is by the Allegheny passage trail.  I LOVE old cemeteries so this was really a treat.  There used to be a church here also but it burned down many years ago.  There were many unique old tombstones to see, I am sure there are many unmarked graves as well.
There are numerous veterans buried here, here is one from the Civil War.
We ate lunch here, there have a covered picnic area and restrooms nearby.  This is close to where I got some cool pictures of a large black snake.  You can see those on my previous post, Black Snake.  Lots of interesting spooky trees also.

The cemetery is maintained by the Elizabeth Historical Society.  There is also a camping area right next to the cemetery.  I have never been one for camping but I think it would be a neat experience to spend the night right beside the cemetery!

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