Monday, August 19, 2013

Andy Warhol Live From the Cemetery

 Most of you are most likely familiar with the famous artist Andy Warhol who passed away in 1987.  In case you are not he was a celebrity artist born in 1928 in Pittsburgh, PA.  He pretty much invented "Pop Art" with his famous works of Campbell's soup cans and head shots of other celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and others.  He was the one who coined the phrase "Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame".  Well Andy is certainly getting more than his 15 minutes even after this death.

He is well known in Pittsburgh because he was born and is now buried here even though he got out as soon as he could for New York City.  Regardless there is a museum, The Andy Warhol, in Pittsburgh to honor him and his work.

He still has a large group of dedicated fans who gather at his grave on the anniversary of his birth and death.  Because of these regular gatherings the Andy Warhol Museum has set up a live camera at his grave site.  You can now get a live feed of his grave by logging on to their website.

I have never been a huge Warhol fan but always considered him an interesting eccentric artist.  But I love cemeteries and think this is just the coolest thing.  My kids think it is nuts and boring.  Of course they hate going to cemeteries with me when I drag them on genealogy research trips.

The camera is live 24/7 and yes you can see see the grave at night.  They also have archives so you can go back and look at the past 24 hours.  This is how I witnessed the elderly gentleman in a kilt playing Happy Birthday on his bagpipes and the couple who visited with a small child after dark.  There is also sound which is how I heard the bagpipe Happy Birthday tune.  I checked the live feed right before starting to write this post and I could actually hear the rain!  You will also notice a large stone behind Andy's with the name Warhola.  That is the grave of his parents.  The name was originally Warhola and I assume Andy dropped the "a" when he became famous.

Of course now that the live cam has become rather well publicized in the Pittsburgh area I am sure that is attracting more people to the grave site than normal.  But that makes it more interesting to check out the feed so see all the visitors.  I am not sure if this will be permanent or temporary so if you want to see what is shaking at Andy's grave here is the link. 
Live Cam Andy Warhol Grave

If you are interested in visiting or learning more about the museum and Andy Warhol here their website:
Warhol Museum

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