Friday, August 2, 2013

Bike Riding Pictures: A Swamp in Western PA

We took another bike ride a few weekends ago.  We went on the Montour Trail by South Park, PA to check out a newly opened section of the trail.  They have recently put in a new bridge and newly paved section.  It was a very woodsy and pretty part of the trail.  While the temperature was only in the low 80's it was very humid.  Nasty sticky humid.  I commented that I felt like we were biking in the swamps of Louisiana.  So it was so ironic that shortly after we came across this really large swamp right beside the trail.

I was expecting to see alligator or Swamp Creature come climbing out!  You don't see swamps like this too often in Western PA.  I love biking new trails in our area because there is always something interesting to see.  It turned out to be a short ride because we could not tolerate the humidity but we will go back to this part of the trail when it is a bit cooler.

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