Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Praying Mantis Weirdness

I posted some pictures of the Praying Mantis I found while on a bike ride in the city.  You can see the pictures here in my previous blog post.  I honestly think that was the first time I had ever seen a praying mantis in my area and I thought it was strange that it was hanging on the wall of a building in the city.

So I was kinda freaked out when two days later I got a text from my son who is away at college--with a picture he took of a --you guessed it--praying manits!

 It was a strange coincidence because I had not told my son about our bike ride.  He said they are everywhere by his apartment which is about an hour away from me.  The one in the picture was hanging on the screen on his window plus he said they had one in the apartment as well as many hanging all over the outside of his building.  Sounds like an movie plot, Invasion of the Praying Mantis!  Well I guess an invasion of these cool insects is better than an invasion of Zombies.

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