Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trip To The Farm - An Adorable Pig

My daughter and I made our annual trip to a local farm last month to pick apples.  Nothing tastes better than eating an apple right off the tree in the Fall.  But our favorite part of this year's visit was the petting zoo because they had the most adorable black pig. 
He was obsessed with eating.  Don't know what he was digging for in the ground but he was literally overturning huge chunks of grass.  Must have been something good under the grass because  a bunch of chickens had surrounded him to eat also.  This did not make him happy because he would periodically stop eating to snort and snap at the chickens.  What ever was in the ground must have been good because his nastiness did not seem to phase or stop the chickens.

I also got a good photo of one of the goats (just love goats too!) who had gorgeous blue eyes.

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