Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cleaning Up My Yard - Fix for An Ugly Corner

I have a corner in my fenced in back yard that was driving me crazy.  It was a problem spot because the fence was not tight against the ground, which meant my beagle was easily able to dig then slip right under the fence and take off.  To remedy the "escape" area I had a mix of logs and boards stacked around the corner.  It worked as far as keeping my dog in but my oh my did it look ugly.  I recently came up with a solution to make it both escape proof and pretty at the same time.

I had numerous orange day lilies scattered around my yard so I transplanted a few of the taller ones around the corner area.  This hid all the ugly boards and logs blocking the fence plus added an additional barrier to my dog being able to get into the corner.

I dug a small ditch around the area and mounded up the dirt.  Partly to make it look nice and also in hopes my ditch will prevent the grass from growing into the area.  I covered my mound with about 3 layers of newspaper then covered it with mulch.  I finished off the area with the adorable frog statue.  I am quite happy with the end result.

This was a great budget friendly solution.  My only expense was one bag of mulch!  I saved money by using plants I already had in the yard and using the newspaper for a weed barrier.  It is a great way to recycle your newspapers and is more eco-friendly than using a plastic covering.  I already had the frog also--he looks better here than sitting in my family room where he collected dust!

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