Tuesday, February 28, 2017

DIY Earring Holder from Carboard and Skull Lace

My earrings have been in desperate need of organization for a long time.  They were scattered all over the place with some in drawers, many just laying on my dresser.  It would take me forever to find a matching pair plus my cat would swat them off my dresser onto the floor and I was always afraid I was going to suck them up in the sweeper.  I have a lot of earrings and could never find any organizer that would hold them all without taking up too much room on my dresser.  So I made this holder that I can hang on my wall out of cardboard that was originally packing material and covered it with lace.
 This is the packing material I started with, found it stashed away in my laundry room.  It is cardboard with strips of Styrofoam.  I originally saved it to make a tombstone Halloween decoration (sometimes it pays to be a pack rat!).
 I used craft paint I had on hand to paint it black.  The Styrofoam was a bit hard to cover with paint but it did not need to look pretty, only needed to cover enough so the white did not show through the lace.  A little side note on protecting your surface while painting.  I usually paint on my wood kitchen table.  I have had paint bleed through the newspaper I usually use to cover and protect the table.  I found this old waterproof mattress pad left over from when when my kids were little.  It makes a great protective surface on which to paint.  Here it is after painting and yes I am a messy painter!
I dug around in my stash of material and found some black lace with red skulls left over from a Halloween project.  I folded the lace over the cardboard being sure to pull it tightly and stapled the material on the back.  I used a regular stapler since the lace was thin and I did not want any big staples showing through on the front in the corners.  Since I am hanging it on the wall I did not worry about the back looking neat I just stapled away to be sure the lace was pulled taunt over the front so my dangle earrings would hang without the lace sagging.
Here it is finished and hung on the wall.  The center part works great for hanging my dangle earrings.  I used the edges that have the Styrofoam for post earrings and they stay perfectly with the backs attached to the earrings so every post earring has a back when I put them on.  I had enough room that I also included the few necklaces I own by hanging them from red and black push pins from the bottom Styrofoam strip.  Plus I have enough space to add more earrings and necklaces if the need arises.
The corners without Styrofoam were sagging a bit so I used these areas to hang hoop earrings from red paper clips strung through the sagging lace.   I hung this on my wall so it is completely hidden when my door is open.  I used picture hangers to attach it to the wall by making small holes in the cardboard on the back with a screwdriver.   I have had this up for over a week now and it has worked perfectly.  Love making something functional out of "garbage" especially when the cost to create is $0!


  1. Great idea! I'm feeling inspired to try something like this. I don't need extra earring storage now, but these materials seem like they could make something else sturdy. Cardboard and styrofoam made a surprisingly strong looking display! And I love that some of your supplies were leftover tombstone materials. :)

    It must be earring crafting time because I was doing some earring projects today too. I was painting some old discolored rhinestones with nail polish and they look really cool now!

    1. Wow that is inventive using nail polish to spruce up old rhinestones! I never would have thought of that. Will keep that one in mind.