Monday, February 6, 2017

Home Made Back of Door Spice Rack

I was in desperate need of organizing my spices.  I had them spread out over three places in my kitchen and pantry.  It could take me 10 minutes to find the ones I needed and I never really knew what I did or did not have on hand.  Being on a tight budget I did not want to spend a lot of money to buy an organizer plus I did not really have any available space in my kitchen to put all my spices in one place.  I found a picture on the Internet of a home made wood rack that attached to the back of a pantry door.  I showed it to my hubby--and to my surprise he immediately went to work on building me one!  Here is the finished rack he built.
This has worked out wonderfully.  All my spices are in one location and organized alphabetically so I can gather what I need when cooking in just a few seconds.  Plus I always know exactly what I have.  Because he made it to fit the whole door it gave me room to store so much more than just spices, freeing up space inside my pantry for other things.  I was able to move all the big bottles and stuff that had been sitting on the pantry floor on to shelves which make keeping the pantry floor clean so much easier.  The shelf that has the blue bins contains onions, potatoes, and garlic.  I was lucky to already have these plastic bins that fit nicely on the shelf.  The bins make it easy to clean so the mess caused by onions, garlic and potatoes does not fall on the floor or dirty the shelf and they are easy to clean.

The best part of this project?  It cost absolutely NOTHING except our labor!  Hubby had a bunch of scrap plywood in his shed (plus he has like 1,000 screws, nails bolts, etc. in there).  I had white paint and primer left over from former projects that I used.  While I wasn't too concerned how "professional" it looked because it is inside the pantry I did cover all exposed screw heads with some air dry clay before painting so it would look more "finished".  Also I was finally able to utilize a small collection of vintage glass spice bottles that had been stored away for years that had come from my husband's family.
I wish I had plans and progress photos but because my husband built it--there are none.  He measured the pantry door and we decided how far apart we wanted the shelves and he just measured, cut , and screwed together the pieces.  He built it in two separate pieces to accommodate the door knob, so one piece is above the door knob, one below.  Once built I had the fun job of painting.  It took a coat of primer and three coats of paint because the plywood really sucked up the paint.  It was a long labor filled job doing the painting but the end result was well worth it.  It did turn out to be quite heavy but that has not been a problem.  Here is a close up photo.

If you are handy (or have someone who is to help) it is not a particularly difficult project.  It took my husband about 2 weeks to build it working in his spare time.  Honestly it took me longer to paint it than it took to build it!  For the cost of plywood and some paint  (and elbow grease) you can have a great way to organize and add more space to your pantry.

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