Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Newest Family Member A Fish!

Right after Christmas my daughter and her friend came home from shopping with a gift for me.  A fish!  It is a little orange beta fish.  A long time ago my husband had a huge fish tank--which was his responsibility--so I have never really had any fish which were my responsibility.
 When my daughter came home from college for the Christmas break she brought a fish with her that someone had given to her and her room mates.  While my daughter is responsible and loves all animals I have never thought pets are good for college students.  I told her I was going to keep the little guy so I knew he would be well taken care of.  Sadly he died about a week after she got home.  I think the long car ride had been too much for him.  Well she interpreted this as thinking I wanted a fish.

At first I thought--oh geez--something else to take of and feed.  But I have to say the little guy has grown on me.  He sits on my kitchen counter and swims over to look at me every time I walk by the counter.  He anxiously waits with his nose against the container when it is feeding time.

Since I am so into my genealogy research I named him after my 4th great grandfather who fought in the revolutionary war--Elisha Bird.  So we jokingly call him Elisha Bird Fish.  I was at Walmart the other day and for just a few bucks picked up some new bright and colorful decorations for his container.  The rocks and plant he inherited from my daughter's college fish were a bit too drab looking for me.  I am planning on getting a container that is a bit bigger so he has more room to swim around in.  Hubby thinks I am crazy when I talk to him but that is just me--love all animals.  I made fried fish last night for dinner--actually felt guilty cooking it in front of him!

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