About Me

I come from a long line of artists including my grandmother and her parents. So I was always encouraged to create as a child. Along with painting I love trying many other crafts especially when I can use them as home decor.

I have an obsession with genealogy, history, Halloween, and all things spooky. My favorite places to hang out are old libraries and cemeteries. I was never read “traditional” bedtime stories as a child. My father would tell me stories from history (Mayflower, Christopher Columbus) every night. If my grandma stayed over she would tell me old family stories plus great ghost stories. So I guess that is where all these fascinations originated.

Ravenswick--what does that mean?   It is said to be the original version of my last name in very old English.  The translation means “from the place of the Ravens”. It is also a variation of Renwick, the name of an old town on the border of Scotland and England. That is where my ancestors supposedly originated. This just fits me to a tee because of my love for genealogy and history. I can imagine a town called “Place of the Ravens” being filled with all sorts of haunted castles, ghosts, and witches.

I have a Zazzle Store where I sell my original artwork and vintage image designs on many different products such as tee shirts, stamps, cards, magnets, posters, plus much more.  The name of my store is Art by MAR .

If you have any comments or questions about this blog you may contact at my email address below.
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